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Waterside Inn by Bogie-DJ Waterside Inn :iconbogie-dj:Bogie-DJ 9 2 bridge encounter map-Grid bg by Bogie-DJ bridge encounter map-Grid bg :iconbogie-dj:Bogie-DJ 8 4 Crypt of the Demon Knight by Bogie-DJ Crypt of the Demon Knight :iconbogie-dj:Bogie-DJ 10 10 Mitra Inn by Bogie-DJ Mitra Inn :iconbogie-dj:Bogie-DJ 10 9 Thieves Guild 59x69 Bogie by Bogie-DJ Thieves Guild 59x69 Bogie :iconbogie-dj:Bogie-DJ 11 4 MapForge-Add-On-Demo bg by Bogie-DJ MapForge-Add-On-Demo bg :iconbogie-dj:Bogie-DJ 6 14 Bogies Excellent Instant Dungeon Dressing by Bogie-DJ Bogies Excellent Instant Dungeon Dressing :iconbogie-dj:Bogie-DJ 5 20 Islands in the Sky by Bogie-DJ Islands in the Sky :iconbogie-dj:Bogie-DJ 9 5 Remember the Alamo by Bogie-DJ Remember the Alamo :iconbogie-dj:Bogie-DJ 5 4 Bogie's Mapping Elements by Bogie-DJ Bogie's Mapping Elements :iconbogie-dj:Bogie-DJ 19 20 Golden Goose Inn-Basement bg by Bogie-DJ Golden Goose Inn-Basement bg :iconbogie-dj:Bogie-DJ 13 8 House of Fallen Leaves by Bogie-DJ House of Fallen Leaves :iconbogie-dj:Bogie-DJ 16 6 Caravan Campsite by Bogie-DJ Caravan Campsite :iconbogie-dj:Bogie-DJ 16 8 Shireland the Hobbit's Haven by Bogie-DJ Shireland the Hobbit's Haven :iconbogie-dj:Bogie-DJ 1 2 Battlemap Layers Kickstarter by Bogie-DJ Battlemap Layers Kickstarter :iconbogie-dj:Bogie-DJ 2 13 Tower of the Queen - GroundLevel by Bogie-DJ Tower of the Queen - GroundLevel :iconbogie-dj:Bogie-DJ 9 4


Clean water temple battlemap for DnD / roll20 by SavingThrower Clean water temple battlemap for DnD / roll20 :iconsavingthrower:SavingThrower 17 13 High Sentinel Lodge - 1st Floor by RonPepperMd High Sentinel Lodge - 1st Floor :iconronpeppermd:RonPepperMd 13 2 Winterhaven Map (revised) by dasomerville Winterhaven Map (revised) :icondasomerville:dasomerville 344 16 Mordheim Map 3: The Street Fight by Blazbaros Mordheim Map 3: The Street Fight :iconblazbaros:Blazbaros 46 5 RPG Encounters Map - Cult by Alegion RPG Encounters Map - Cult :iconalegion:Alegion 84 22 Nezznar Hideout by barto300 Nezznar Hideout :iconbarto300:barto300 20 8 Yonderdell by butterfrog Yonderdell :iconbutterfrog:butterfrog 315 49 Iron Tower Mercenary Camp. by eViLe-eAgLe Iron Tower Mercenary Camp. :iconevile-eagle:eViLe-eAgLe 205 10 Castle of The Warrior Priests by sirinkman by SirInkman Castle of The Warrior Priests by sirinkman :iconsirinkman:SirInkman 201 37 The White Boar Pub RPG Map by Alegion The White Boar Pub RPG Map :iconalegion:Alegion 105 24 Large hill by hero339 Large hill :iconhero339:hero339 64 9 Innsmouth map - presentation by qpiii Innsmouth map - presentation :iconqpiii:qpiii 152 56 Ziggurat Lower Level by hero339 Ziggurat Lower Level :iconhero339:hero339 36 12 The Sandpoint Sawmill (both floors) by hero339 The Sandpoint Sawmill (both floors) :iconhero339:hero339 77 23 The Borderland of Karandor and Durhan by Sapiento The Borderland of Karandor and Durhan :iconsapiento:Sapiento 78 22 The Isle of Shab'ra'tan by SirInkman The Isle of Shab'ra'tan :iconsirinkman:SirInkman 288 43


Waterside Inn
I have finished making all the encounter battlemaps for "Lost Hall of Tyr" 5E Adventure Kickstarter for Gaming Ballistic.  I am also making 6 random encounter maps that are part of the Add-Ons for the project.  These maps can also be used for any random gaming encounters as they are not specific to the Lost Hall game.  In case you are interested here is a link to the Kickstarter:…
bridge encounter map-Grid bg
Recently a DA member asked for a version of this map with a grid, so here it is.
Just want to let you know about a Kickstarter project that I am working on.  Gaming Ballistics has produced a cool 5E RPG adventure that just went live today.  "The Lost Hall of Tyr" has all six battlemaps in the adventure being made by yours truly and an add-on of another 6 quick encounter maps I'm making that can be used during the traveling phase of the game if desired.
Check it out if you have the chance:…
Crypt of the Demon Knight
I just made this map for a contest on Cartographer's Guild.  The specifications for the map were "A large room on the 20th level of the Crypt of the Demon Knight.  Mosaic tiles of legendary monsters cover the floor."  I'm thinking of doing all 20 levels and creating a full adventure out of it.
Meanwhile don't forget to check out and register for the new DundJinni Forums replacement, MapForge Forums.  Here is a link:
Since the DundJinni Forums have become nearly unusable, a new website has been created by Daniel Prior to replace it.  As a bonus Dan has transferred a lot of the DundJinni art to the new site.  The MapForge Forums will also serve as a forum for Heruca's new mapping program, MapForge, that will be a welcome update / replacement for DundJinni.  He is working hard programming it as we speak.  It should be available in the early fall.  With 1800 Kickstarter backers this program has a lot of support.  In the meantime, check out and register for the new forums.  Follow this link:


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Kinopiooo Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2017
Hey Bogie !
I have a question for you, are you the creator of this map ?
Carte by Kinopiooo  
Bogie-DJ Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2017
Yes I am.  One of my first maps, years ago.  I made a second version that was more swampy / vegetation that hides the repetitive water texture better.
Here are links to the full size versions of both maps:……
Kinopiooo Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2017
Ooooh thanks you Bogie, you're the best ! ;)
You save me !
MorningAG Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2017
Hey Bogie,
I updated my computer in November to Windows 7 and since then I haven't been able to get on the dundjinni forums at all.  Do you know if they went kaputz or is it just that my compy doesn't work with it anymore.  (Not the program - sadly I never did get it to work, but the actual forums) :(
Bogie-DJ Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2017
No, it's not you.  The DJ website started acting up about then and went rapidly downhill.  It has become very frustrating to try to post or find anything on it.  We reported it to the web host, but they can't do anything without input from the owner and she is M.I.A.  I am hoping it will somehow fix itself, but I am not holding my breath.

On the bright side, one of the original DJ moderators, Heruca, has just started a Kickstarter campaign to create a replacement for DundJinni.  His program MapForge will have some nice features that DJ didn't have and should be more reliable.  The Kickstarter reached it's funding goal in less than 12 hours and is at 180% in 36 hours.  Looks like there are a lot of people out there wanting this.  Here is the link to it for more info:…
Koriyen Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2017  Professional Interface Designer
Bogie, thanks for all the work & assets you've shared. Making maps for Roll20 used to be rather stressful and discouraging for me, but this last week I discovered all the work that you, Neyjour, and others have poured into maps & elements. It gave me a newly-awoken love of maps, and the stress has somehow disappeared. So thanks :)

Here's my first effort, which uses many of your assets:…
Bogie-DJ Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2017
Thanks Koriyen, glad to help.  Your map looks great.
t4nk3 Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2016
Feliz Cumpleaños, te deseo lo mejor y aprovechar para darte las gracias por tu increible trabajo. Happy Birthday and thanks for your work!
Bogie-DJ Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2016
Thanks!  Glad you like it!
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